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Seattle Mountain Rescue Benefit

I've been running trails for about 15 years now, and luckily have always made it home when I planned to (or at least within a couple of hours because I was having too much fun). Because we trail runners tend to go fast and light in comparison to hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts, if the weather turns or something happens at one end of a run, things can turn bad pretty quickly.

Megan from High Heel Running Group organized an event happening Saturday that is sure to be loads of fun, informative, and a great way to give back to Seattle Mountain Rescue, the local all volunteer group that saves many a trail runner each year. I donated a massage gift certificate to the auction, that will also include all kinds of good stuff, for a great cause. Come out to show your support! Tickets are still available here.

Gift Certificates

Well, it's somehow the holiday time of year again, and I for one, can not believe where the time went. I have a hunch it won't slow down much, though, so I'll just leave it at that and try not to mention it in every post. 

Nikki's favorite time of year.

Nikki's favorite time of year.

So, what to get the athlete in your life that has everything? A massage of course! It helps with recovery, can nip an ache or pain in the bud, or speed up healing of an injury after it's taken hold. With the new year approaching and as such, a new year of training, it's the perfect time to remind your loved one to take care of the ole bod so as to be able to run/ski/bike/underwater basket weave to their heart's content.

I'm running a special for 60 minute gift certificates from now until December 24. Buy as many as you want for you and your loved ones for $70 each. To make it super simple, you can buy them here. Then, if you want an actual hard copy certificate, just email me and I'll send one either to you or the lucky recipient.

I wish you happy, stress-free holidays and hope to see you soon!