Full Circle

I first ran up to Kendall's Katwalk shortly after moving to Seattle (the first time) about eight (!!) years ago with the Seattle Running Company group as part of a longer Sunday trail run. I chatted with Scott McCoubrey on the way up, and landed myself a job at the hotspot of ultrarunning. During my time there, ultrarunning became a huge part of who I am, and like many, I fell in love with not only the sport, but the community. I became increasingly interested in the way bodies move and decided to go to massage school, then headed to the mountains to start a practice.

Moving back from the Methow has definitely been a transition, but for the most part, as I ran up Kendall's Katwalk a couple of weeks ago, I just kept thinking how appropriate it seems to be here again. Only now I have a happy baby, marriage, dog, and business. The line between work and pleasure is vague and I can't help but think that my run so many years ago was the catalyst: it's possible to create a meaningful life by combining all of one's passions and go after it.

There's an old Dirtbag Diaries podcast that I keep loaded on my ipod that I must listen to ten times a year called "The Dreamers." Through discussions with climbers, it explores the idea of dreams and how they change during life as well as once you begin transforming your dreams into reality. That run and previous Seattle life, was the tipping point for me. Now I'm back and have a few other dreams in mind...