Running Tunes

As I was running this morning through a torrential downpour (at least by my eastside standards) through Carkeek park, I was quite pleased to have all the new music I recently purchased.

Often listening to music is much more distracting to me, and quite annoying, actually. I'm always looking for that perfect balance of upbeat and background tunage. While some songs are great for racing or hard workouts, it's nice to have some music that becomes a soundtrack rather than center stage.  Here's what I've been loving:

  • The new Phatogram, Voices (the previous, Eyelid Movies is also quite good).
  • Santigold, Master of My Make Believe-not new, but I had forgotten about it.
  • Frazey Ford (the lead singer from one of my favorites, The Be Good Tanyas), Obadiah
  • School of Seven Bells, Alpinisms-also not new, but a perfect running partner. They were inspired by mountains and alpinism when they made this album. How can you not love that? The album cover is also amazing.

Favorite running music...Go!